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No credible resource from any century named Nizami being an ethnic Persian - I request Mr. Doostzadeh to cite if not if he disagrees. And "Persian poet" is just a obscure and imprecise way of saying "Persian-language poet". With the whole Qom falsification it is obvious that Persian chauvinists have early on -- given that about 18th century -- attempted to wrest Nizami far from Azerbaijan, and almost nothing has improved, Iran on official amount, on the extent of its repressive government claims Nizami even though all modern-day Students and scientists possibly avoid ethnicity or maybe "Persian poet" terminology entirely, or as even the Pope has accomplished, acknowldge that Nizami is an Azerbaijani poet.

Sorry for your prolonged absense, nonetheless it's fantastic to see the thoughts interesting down and Many of us agreeing on points. My responses: the intro recommended by Ali is better than the existing just one. But 1) inside the checklist, "shared by Iran, Azerbaijan and Persian speaking lands", Azerbaijan really should go to start with, both of those as a result of alphabetic purchase, the birth put, and The point that Azerbaijan will not be a (predominantly) Persian speaking land - which it indicates by acquiring it sandwiched inbetween Iran and Persian Talking lands. Next, "Aran" is simply a geographic place in between Kura and Araxes, which often doubled instead name for Caucasian Albania in Arabic and Iranian authors, i.e., also had a political connotation. But generally, and in case of modern-day use only, utilised as geographic entity, like Mughan or Shirvan. Meanwhile, Nizami was born, lived and died in a single state, as well as place's name was really specific, and perfectly outlined by by even Enc.

In the United States, the recorder of deeds is many times an elected county Workplace and is alleged being the county recorder. In some U.S. states, the features of the recorder of deeds are a duty from the county clerk (or even the county's clerk of court docket), and the individual may be referred to as a clerk-recorder or recorder-clerk.

In spite of possessing Armenia from the textual content -- and that is widespread to get this kind of an ancient and exotic title to generally be highlighted in texts of regional authors -- Shirin just travelled (i.e, not lived!) there, as Armenia was a geographic thought to begin with as there was no impartial country both in Nizami's time or in Khosrov time for instance.

1) The ethnicity of Nizami's father. This is rarely known for a hundred% and there's no unanamious consideration. Certainly I certaintly believe that via the evidence I brought Nizami was ethnic Iranic and Mr. Baguirov desires to pressure an interpretation of a certain verse, which is not supported during the old and new English translations and likewise the symbolism is obvious as I've demonstrated over (begin to see the Rumi, Khaghani, Attar offers).

The short article by Dr. Bourtounian is sound proof of manipulation by the highest echelons of The federal government of Azerbaijan.[five]. Rock stable. Mr. Baguirov will not know Persian to evaluate the Dr. Bournoutian's Persian. I am able to validate that all of Dr. Bourtounians words and phrases are properly translated and so can other Iranian end users. According to forgery and Nizami Ganjavi, allow me to quotation a outstanding scholar within the republic of Azerbaijan. Without a doubt a scholar in the republic of Azerbainan of 1980 solid the following verse: Pedar bar pedar mar-maraa tork bood - beh farzaanegi har yeki gorg bood!! The trouble using this scholar would be that the term Tork and Gorg are never ever rhymed in almost any Persian poetry and indeed violate The foundations of Persian poetry. In addition Gorg(Wolf) is belittled in Nizami Ganjavi's poetry and although Turks had A great deal respect to the wolf, the wolf is noticed as heineous creature in the poetry of Nizami Ganjavi! (You can use all kinds of arguments like these!). Here's the interpretation with the madeup verse because of the scholar with the republic of Azerbaijan: My father from generation to technology was a Tork - IN knowledge each one was like a gorg(wolf). Certainly Here is the kind of polemical manuals Mr. Baguirov prices from. Here is the ideologically determined scholarship of your repbulic of Azerbaijan, some of the Students in look at this website the republic of Azerbaijani who delete offers about Armenians and makeup offers that don't even rhyme!

He was a ruler of Large territories, but his powerbase and his condition was even now just Azerbaijan (Despite the fact that it Obviously bundled both equally north and south of Araxes). Considerably smaller sized, far more vassalic, and less suitable rulers and states are simply labeled for a "state", hence this scenario must not generate opposition. The good Atabeks were not just some dudes from the road, but had been supreme rulers with vassal rulers, their very own internationally-recognized revenue, and also khutba read every day in Baghdad with the khaliph. This might not materialize for just some strongman, some ambiguous "ruler". --AdilBaguirov 23:04, three February 2007 (UTC)

Also lets bear in mind Nizami utilizes the expression Tork-zaad(a phrase Utilized in classical Persian poetry this means a son of Iranian who experienced a Turkic wife) for his son from his spouse which was provided to him through the ruler of Darband.

Безвыездно жил в родной Гяндже. Будучи тесно связан с Азербайджаном, Н. Г. переносит действие отдельных эпизодов своих поэм на его территорию. Придворным поэтом он никогда не был, довольствуясь небольшими пособиями, которые ему назначали феодальные правители за посвященные им поэмы.

Certainly I'm not guaranteed what educated person would translate the last two verses: Sabok roo chon bot-e-Qabchaq guy bood – Gomaan oftaad khob ke-Afaaq gentleman bood into:My Kipchak idol! My sensual fragile crop (herb, plant)! Died, like Shirin, you much too, my Afak (Appaq) Without a doubt the phrase shirin is just not even in exactly the same like as being the idol of Qifchaq! This is a important falsification. You see There's a major variation in this article! Any more we should demand from customers Mr. Baguirov to employ the first Persian verse as Nizami Ganjavi didn't write in Turkic or Russian! What has took place right here is that line 2 and line 5 are already blended. Whilst line 1 and line two which can be the full couplet don't have anything to complete with bote-e- Qapchaq. According to the absolute bulk of sources, again on this subject of interpretation of the verse, if this type of Wrong translation of your Persian was produced by the USSR scholar, then their opinion genuinely has no price.

And once again with his responses on Qatran Tabrizi he confirmed a lack of reading around the historical elements. All over again let's go around many of the problems of Mr. Baguirov only to clearly show that his problems were a great deal significant. And I will quotation once more:

Baguirov and his relatives operate in elite circles again property. They are look these up really known to own near ties to President Aliyev – who awarded Baguirov a medal for his endeavours inside the US – and he and his father provide in numerous advisory roles to your Azerbaijani and Russian governments respectively.

این نامه ی نغز گفته بهتر طاوس جوانه جفته بهتر خاصه ملکی چو شاه شروان شروان چه که شهریار ایران...

درین افسانه شرطست اشک راندن گلابی تلخ بر شیرین فشاندن بحکم آنکه آن کم زندگانی چو گل بر باد شد روز جوانی سبک رو چون بت قبچاق من بود گمان افتاد خود کافاق من بود

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